“I can honestly say that my experience with the Nourish Ur Life program was life-changing. A friend had recommended this program but as the mother of three and, also, a physician with an active medical practice, I was reluctant to add anything else to my things-to-do list. I am extremely happy that I decided to enroll. I have spent most of my adult life focusing on the needs of others and much less so focusing on my own well-being. I had allowed myself to become overweight which lead to becoming easily fatigued. I developed high blood pressure and knew the diabetes would soon follow. Through this program, I learned how to change behaviors that were unhealthy. As a result, I have learned to consistently make healthy food choices and incorporate regular exercise into my schedule. My new outlook has led to significant weight loss, great blood pressure control, increased energy and a far healthier approach to life.”
“Your knowledge of foods and nutrition coupled with the loving and nurturing delivery of the info has made a positive impact. Since your pantry makeover, I’ve been increasingly aware of ALL the ingredients in the foods, which has helped me make better purchasing decisions. Also, I’m finding myself in the kitchen more, creating new and healthier replacements for my picky eaters.”
“My understanding about nutrition was at a bare minimum before starting Sally’s program. Now I feel like I know so much more than most people. Since working with Sally, I have developed a newfound respect for my body that I never felt before. The knowledge and education I received during each session was priceless.”
“Sally’s group detox program greatly enriched my physical and spiritual well-being. The group format made the program easy to follow, plus I made new friends! I highly recommend the program for anyone seeking to make a positive change in their lives. You’ll be amazed by the results.”
“I have been working with Sally for six months. She is thoughtful, caring, a great listener, empathetic and very good at inspiring change.”

“Sally is a “life counselor”…Her expertise in nutrition gives her credibility in other areas of overall health counseling.”

“Being someone who suffers from anxiety/depression and on anti-depressant drugs for almost 10 years, I always feared the day when I would need to stop taking the medication. After getting married and realizing having children was in our future, I decided I didn’t want harmful chemicals in my system anymore, especially during a pregnancy, and would need to find alternative methods to dealing with my disorder. My husband and I were introduced to Sally and set up a meeting to discuss each of our needs, expectations and hopes. She assured me she had alternative ways of dealing with anxiety and depression and I trusted her – it was the best decision I could have made. Through Sally’s patience, extensive knowledge, care and support I was able to come off of the medication and start living a healthier, fuller, calmer life. I have now been off ALL medications for 4 months and attribute 100% of my success to Sally and her powerful methods. And oh, by the way, my husband feels great too! I highly recommend Sally’s services to anyone who is looking for natural alternatives to medications and ways of dealing with disorders or to anyone who just wants to experience life at their healthiest.”

“I visited recently because I was in the process of making a plan to embrace my new diet with Celiac Disease. I’m happy to report that with some time, your advice and recipes, I’m doing really well! Even something as simple as changing my attitude about going to the grocery store has made a huge difference. I no longer avoid what I can’t have, but now I go in with recipes and lists in hand, and a whole new world of things I haven’t tried has opened up. It’s still challenging to go out to eat, but your advice about focusing on my friends and enjoying their company instead of the food has helped. I’ve shifted what I think of as a “good time” when I go out, and instead of going out to brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks with friends, I ask if they want to come over to my house and cook with me. It’s so much more rewarding. Thanks so much for all of your help and guidance!!”
“Sally has been an invaluable resource to me and provided me with all of my nutritional and healthy lifestyle choices. She designed a customized plan just for me! I feel a major difference in my energy level.”
“Our sessions launched me into a new mode of thinking about my diet and health. Although I sometimes, admittedly, “break” the rules, I learned so much and still find great value in that which you taught me. Thank you so much!”

“I have been a strange eater all my life. Not gregariously so as in the dangerous forms of eating disorders and a depressive attitude toward balancing food. I suppose you could call it a pre-occupation with food that was irritating. I would diet then crave then slightly binge then feel guilty and repeat the process. How tiring! I was so obsessed with what I was eating and not how I was eating that sometimes I couldn’t even tell that I was hungry. My appetite had been ripped apart from my taste. The thing that I loved about Sally’s program and why I think it is money well spent is inherent in the title. INTEGRATIVE. It’s a program set up for you, with her, and it integrates food back into your life. From interviewing you about your habits (healthful and non-healthful), to getting to know you on a personal level, Sally covers all bases. There are pointers on what to eat and how to cook, as well as advice on how to relax and let stress melt out of you. (How many of us eat when we are stressed?) I think the phrase “you are what you eat” could not go more hand in hand in any other place than this program. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to improve at every level, starting with the simple act of how you feed yourself.”

“I saw Sally’s brochure at my gym and immediately called her. After my initial consultation, I knew that Sally’s style would work for me, as I was eager to understand my food cravings, learn about basic nutrition and develop healthier eating habits. We met every other week for 6 months. Sally combined informative handouts, healthy recipes, a tour of Whole Foods and a 3-Day Detox program with an empowering approach to helping me achieve my personal goals. I learned so much from Sally – she has a wonderful disposition that makes you feel good, inspires you to want to be healthy and provides the support and encouragement you need along the way.”
“Before I asked for Sally’s help the checkout ladies in the Reading Terminal Market were automatically giving me senior citizen discounts even though I am a few years shy of earning the discounts. Clearly I was looking old. Now, darn it, no more senior citizen discounts! Well, of course that is fantastic but that is not even the reason I went to Sally for help. I was getting severe muscle cramps. Thinking I had a mineral imbalance I asked for Sally’s expertise. She has revised my diet such that after working with her for only 5 weeks I am rarely getting muscle cramps and on the few occasions that I have gotten them, they have been fleeting and only minor. Looking younger has been an unexpected but welcome bonus!”
“After sustaining a serious spinal and nerve injury, chronic pain and intermittent depression remained at the forefront of my life. I did what the doctors told me, such as physical therapy, proper rest, medication, acupuncture – you name it. Yet, there was still something missing. Through Sally, I learned how eating certain foods and changing various patterns could really facilitate a healthy body and mind. It sounds so simple, and you know what, it is. The pain and depression remain controlled and at bay. So, thank you Sally…for really changing my life!”
“It takes no magic, no potent drugs, no secrets, but a genuine, heartfelt inspiration. With her wealth of knowledge and unique talent to encourage, Sally helped me gain a deeper appreciation for myself from various perspectives and find just the right balance between the mind and the body. Working with Sally is rejuvenating for the soul, purifying for the mind, and ultimately transforming for the body. It is a fact that everyone is in charge of their own happiness. Sometimes, we just need a little guidance. Sally’s program will be your source of unraveling a limitless potential to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.”

“Sally met with me twice a month over a three-month period. At that time I was experiencing all types of stomach-related health issues. My sessions with Sally always left me with a sense of calm. One of my favorite experiences with her was when she met my wife and I at a local Whole Foods and gave us a very detailed tour filled with suggestions for healthy eating and healthy living. Prior to that visit, I thought I knew Whole Foods inside and out. It turned out that my knowledge of that store wasn’t much different than any other store I visit – go in, get what I need, get out. Now when i go to Whole Foods (or Trader Joe’s or Wegman’s) I take my time, consider my options, read the labels and do my best to make healthy decisions. I’m keenly aware of people and experiences in my life that have altered my perspective and left an indelible mark. Sally Eisenberg of Nourish Ur Life truly changed the way I consider my health. Our meetings were not just about food and they were not just about exercise. They were about healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit. Sally is a calming presence and guide in so many ways. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. The definition of a healthy lifestyle is often in the eye of the beholder. Sally not only helps you gain a clearer vision of your ideal holistic health, she helps you to help yourself set and attain your goals.”