“wish upon a star smoothie”

I am naming today’s green smoothie “Wish Upon a Star Smoothie”…

smoothie love

Smoothies are works of art in my household…both of which feed me on the deepest levels. Green Smoothie Saturday with hemp, kale, banana, mango and apple.

raw zucchini pasta

If you’re a pasta lover you’re going to love this recipe. One of my favorite foods in Spring is zucchini and with the help of my spiralizer, I can prepare my zucchini so that it looks like pasta, except zucchini pasta has much more nutritional benefit than traditional spaghetti AND it’s much more colorful.

sally’s simple green smoothie

A simple, nutritious and delicious green smoothie from my home to yours…cheers!

farmers’ market pasta

Quick and easy, pasta packed with goodness.

raw vanilla coconut chia energy truffles

I am always looking for new ways to satisfy my “sweet” tooth and recently stumbled upon this delightfully simple, satisfying and DELICIOUS dessert.

whole wheat gemelli pasta with roasted butternut squash

I recently purchased a beautiful butternut squash from my farmer’s market and wanted to pair it with some fresh whole wheat gemelli pasta. I looked up some recipes online but they all called for butter, shallots, nutmeg and Parmesan. I only had butter, olive oil, fresh sage from my garden, and cinnamon. I decided to […]

vegan pumpkin pie

One of my favorite Thanksgiving foods has always been pumpkin pie. I look forward to eating it every year but this year I decided to try a more healthful version—one with plant-based protein and plenty of fiber and minerals but with the taste of decadence.

snow day hot cocoa

One of my favorite rituals during a snow storm is preparing (and of course consuming) homemade hot cocoa.

coconut date macaroons

An oh-so delicious and totally easy treat.

fennel and pear soup

I prepared this soup for the first time last evening and experimented with shallots instead of onion since I didn’t have any onion on hand (other than a red onion which didn’t seem “soup-worthy”).

sally’s raw key lime pie

One of my favorite desserts of summer has always been key lime pie.

summertime quinoa salad

Whether you’re entertaining for a crowd or delighting in some alone time, this quinoa salad will keep you AND your company satisfied all summer long.

heirloom tomato, mushroom, and spinach soup

The first soup of the season is always my favorite. Since I have been pureeing all of my food these last few weeks (more on that in a separate post), I had these ingredients just waiting to be used for my cooking pleasure.

quinoa fritters

I adore these versatile gluten-free, quinoa fritters…they are so simple to make. And, as you know, I’m all about simple! I serve them as an appetizer with hummus and also enjoy them all on their own. They can even be served as a main dish with some tomato sauce on the side.