sally’s vegan lasagna

I have always loved lasagna. And through the years i have experimented with various vegetarian options. Now that my daughter is vegan (for the month of January), I came up with a lasagna that is so incredibly easy and tasty and she loves it (as does my husband!).

raw zucchini pasta

If you’re a pasta lover you’re going to love this recipe. One of my favorite foods in Spring is zucchini and with the help of my spiralizer, I can prepare my zucchini so that it looks like pasta, except zucchini pasta has much more nutritional benefit than traditional spaghetti AND it’s much more colorful.

farmers’ market pasta

Quick and easy, pasta packed with goodness.

whole wheat gemelli pasta with roasted butternut squash

I recently purchased a beautiful butternut squash from my farmer’s market and wanted to pair it with some fresh whole wheat gemelli pasta. I looked up some recipes online but they all called for butter, shallots, nutmeg and Parmesan. I only had butter, olive oil, fresh sage from my garden, and cinnamon. I decided to […]