For the past several years I have been avoiding cow’s milk when possible.  I’ve been enjoying non-dairy milks with my coffee, smoothies, and granola, and enjoy the taste more than dairy.  My skin thanks me since dairy consumption was causing breakouts and I am FAR beyond my adolescence.  Bye bye dairy!  In addition, one of my clients inspired me to make my own nut milk – something i’ve thought about for awhile but was too intimidated to give the milk-making a try.  I’m excited to report I faced my fear and will never look back.  The taste is unparalleled and I don’t have to worry about any of the fillers, including carageenan, from the “ready-made” packages.

The leftover mixture in the nut bag from the recipe can be made into a flour for gluten-free baking (using a dehydrator) or can be used “as is” in a smoothie.  I enjoy using it in a smoothie for extra protein and fiber.

So, here is the super simple recipe…please give it a try and let me know how it goes.