From April 2011:

I am fortunate enough to be at the beach this weekend and just returned from a splendid (not a word i’ve used that often!) walk with my dog, Moses, along the sandy shoreline…Moses loved the experience, evidenced by his wagging tail, and i used the experience as a walking meditation to start my day. Water, in all its forms, is so cleansing and rejuvenating…from drinking it to bathing in it to listening to it as the waves lap the shoreline. I love water!!

Thanks to the most current issue of Yoga Journal, here is a water meditation provided by a yoga teacher and director of teacher training for Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow Yoga, Maria E. Garre…it’s entitled “drink it in”…

“Breathe in and be nourished from the inside out. Your body, like the Earth, is composed mostly of water, the force that flows within all living things. Beathe in and imbibe the very elixir of life. Breathe out, tasting and digesting; let this cool, shining liquid flood your entire being. Be lifted by the wave of your inhalation. Float with ease on the exhalation. Let the waves of breath ripple through you, soothing away tension and any feeling of deprivation as each cell of your body is nourished.

Open your eyes slowly. Connect to what is flowing inside you. As you come out of meditation, allow each movement to honor the grace of the water within you. You are this nectar, glowing inside.”